About Karran

I’ve worked with public school parents, administrators, educators, legislators, and community members for more than 20 years to create better educational opportunities for the children of New Orleans.  My chief qualification for school board, however, comes from being the parent of two public school students. At McDonogh 15 in the 1990’s, I worked with teachers and administrators to make sure my son, Khristopher, who learns differently, wasn’t left behind. I’ve done the same thing for my younger son, Kendrick, at Lusher, before and after it became a charter school. Over the years, I’ve become an expert in parent’s rights and education laws because I’ve had to. In the process, I’ve trained other parents to advocate for their kids and discovered what an enormous untapped resource their energy is for reform.

After Hurricane Katrina, I was tapped to serve on the Recovery School District’s Special Education Tiger Team, its Facilities Planning Advisory Committee and its general Advisory Committee. In 2007, I worked with my neighborhood organization to bring the innovative New Tech High School model to Gentilly  I’ve spoken on education reform to national audiences and I have been interviewed by Education Week, the New York Times, the LA Times, National Public Radio and UTNE reader.

Progress has been made; we’ve created “some” good schools. But now is the time to create a great school system. We need reforms that are fair and equitable for all children.  Too many of our families feel that there still aren’t meaningful options in this “all choice” district.  The Orleans Parish School Board has to have a vision and a plan for all of the children who are still trapped in failing schools.

I believe that great schools are a building block of neighborhoods and will propose policies to make it easier for children to attend schools that are close to their homes.  I want to create school communities that are innovative, safe, stable and sustainable, with strong ties to their neighborhoods and the families of their students. My experience with my sons’ schools proves this is possible.

Finally, the success or failure of education in New Orleans is personal for me. I graduated from Warren Easton, but my older brother dropped out and ultimately spent twelve years in Louisiana penitentiaries. I’m tired of seeing our children sent to prison because they have no options.

True education reform will provide all of our kids with a sense of possibilities and a future. Give me your vote, and together we will redefine reform.


3 thoughts on “About Karran

  1. i admire mrs. royal, and i found myself having to do as she did for her son so my son wouldnt get left behind. i heard her speak a while back at an upward bound program that my son was attending and did the same so my kid wouldnt be left behind. it took a lot of work but he made it through the new orleans public school system. i had to be very very active in his schooling. God placed her speech in my presence and i took things she said and did and used them as tips to help my son. my son is now in college. ms. royal needs to know that i’m sooooo greatful that i listened very attentively to her speaking and she was truly a blessing in my life. she’ll never know how much she truly impacted my life and my sons life.. she made me realize that i had to pound the pavement if i wanted him to succeed. if i didnt do it, no one else would. thanks a million ms. royal. one day i’d like to meet her and thank her in person, possibly work with her helping others.

    • Dee, thank you for your kind words. Please follow my Karran Harper Royal Education Advocacy Facebook page for updates on future parent workshops. I look forward to meeting you soon.

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